Auss Ramli
Aug 6, 2021

How SEO can put a spotlight on your business

If you ever feel like your business is buried under millions of links when you search on google then you probably need to look into SEO, that is search engine optimisation. This practice allows you to make your business more visible and so increase traffic. SEO considers multiple avenues of exposure and allows you to increase the likelihood of being both noticed and remembered.

These three elements are essential to SEO:

Local SEO 

As people become more and more dependant on their technology, our searches become increasingly concentrated on our local lives, local SEO allows you to utilise this and better associate your business with your local area. This can be achieved through creating location specific pages on your site and registering your business with google maps and similar sites. So when people search for your product or service online near them, your business can be seen and remembered.


Keywords are used in search engines to produce content for their users, in order for that content to be you, you must integrate words which are both highly searched and closely associated to your business into your website. Doing so in a natural way is essential, or the search engine will detect a misuse of keywords and your website could be penalised. 


This is one of the more complicated elements of SEO, it is essentially gossip. You want your business to  be spoken about online, this increases your backlinks and so your traffic. Finding ways to get your name out there can be difficult, but speaking to bloggers or communities involved in and around your business can be very helpful.

SEO is a multifaceted endeavour, but one worth exploring deeply if you wish to dramatically increase your visibility and authority. At the end of the day, most people click on the top five results when using any search engine, and strategic SEO can put you up there. 

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